Gems, Gems, Gems!!!

Valentine & yod’s full moon february 2015

Hey Dollz & Noorthians!

This Full Moon of February will be matched with a celestial form named Yod, also known as God’s finger.

We all should try something Nu & Positive for this Full Moon, because the chances of a wonderful outcome are multiplied by 2____ way better the lottery if u ask me ‪#‎justsayin.

Women will definitely be particularly be celebrated this Full Moon, yeah we know Noorthians, but so are the men since this particular Full Moon is literally in the arms of Jupiter

She is also known as the Zeus Moon. In few words Dollz & Noorthians this Moon is gong to enhance all beauty traits that we all have and share & it is time for Passion, Love and also to perfect ones Craft. 
So Yalla Noorthians and Beloved let’s embrace it’s full power and dance to the beat of Beauty____ Love____ and Arts_____#lovespread

We love y’all Noorthians and Enjoy:) 
U can share your experiences with us____

Ps: Dollz and Noorthians here are some few tips to purify your gems and jewels during this Full Moon:

First and easy, place your bracelets or necklaces in an amethyst geode @ night time of course____ it’s an easy one if you own a geode ( available soon @ just for u Dollz)


The second way is less easy but it ain’t like mining either Dollz & Noorthians; Place your Bracelets or Necklaces in a little cup filled with low minerals water (Evian will do the trick) and then place it in a larger one or a bowl or Tupperware filled this one with raw sea salt! (we do recommend if you can Dead Sea Salt 4 it’s a really powerful one, soon available 2 @ the e-shop) and let it rest @ Dusk Noorthians.

Note that U can re use the salt many time Dollz_____ ‪#‎luvspread ‪#‎fullmoon ‪#‎luvnlight ‪#‎luvnlightrites ‪#‎pachas2cents #3.0spirituality #pachas2cents

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