Amethyst Crystal Bracelet, ELISSA 5

74.00 TTC

The Transparency of rock crystal mixed with the power of amethyst, brings a vibrant elegance.
Bracelet made of faceted discs: mostly Amethyst accompanied by rock Crystal.


The Meditative friend
Always controversial, this gem will help up the one who wears it to get some inner peace & clarity of thoughts. Who would say no to the peace of mind in these troubled times? Our guess is none.


The Magnificent Amplifier
Feeling a bit too left or right brainy? Having trouble connecting some brain cells some times (oh come on we all do ☺). Its clarity will clear that out pronto & re-plug what’s needed to be plugged in. And it enhances your perception of things. I guess no more time spent doing those stoopid tests on facebook or in magazine while at work. At least your boss won’t threaten to fire for a « facebook ‘s test » addiction on the company’s dime no more!!!
Additional Information
Weight 100.00 g
Bracelet Lenght

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