Citrine Pyrite Bracelet, APIA 5

32.4032.60 TTC

The gold of Vulcan enhances and inflames the sun inside a stone: that is Citrine.
Bracelet made of faceted discs: mostly Citrine accompanied by Pyrite.


Joyous Citrine
Often called little sun, this sparkling gel brings joy & contentment. She is very helpful in difficult times such as nervous breakdowns, exams & tests, or tensed work related situations. When the power runs off, she definitely acts like a generator of joy & energy.


The Fool’s Gold
Also known as the metallic fire. That says a lot about that stone. So many over the centuries lost their mind over that one digging & digging thinking that it was actually gold. It looks like it, but it is way better. It’s a real formula one stone, added to another gem (actually it’s one of the rare one we can associated with other among quartz diamond and crystal.) It will boost you cocaine in a stone, hence not recommended for hyperactive people, because it will be your real kryptonite.
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