Grey Pearl Emerald Necklace, ZOHR BK

177.00 TTC

In this bracelet, you unite the softness of the grey pearls with the dark luster of Emerald.
Necklace made of: mostly grey pearls accompanied by faceted discs of Emerald.


White Pearl
The Maharaja’s one & only!!!
Since 5 000 years, they are always there to capture the light, these pearls are goddesses who inflame passion. Hated, adored, they move througt time without losting their luster. And do not think you need the « Peregrina » to be more attractive…


Spring in a Gem
Valued as of divine descent in ancient times. That marvelous gem will help you when an inner reboot is needed ASAP. Not mentioning that is said to be helpful when it comes to crystal clear views of things & life.
Additional Information
Weight 150.00 g
Necklace Lenght

Woman Carats