Jade Pink Pearl Bracelet, JAD 5

79.00 TTC

The contrast of colors in the softness of pearls combined with the energy of thousand year old Jade.
Bracelet made of faceted balls: mostly Jade accompanied by pink pearls.


The imperial
Pre-Columbian and far east civilizations adored that gem above all for she is known to reveal inner wisdom to ourselves, and in ourselves, and in process helps us to make decisions without hesitation. Always handy in confused time, but hey, sometimes it is just about where to spend those vacations and do we really have to take those « dear in laws » with us?


Pink Pearl
The Beauty Goddess
Need soft softness in this cruel world? Wear pink pearls, look at their delicat Orient, savour their delicacy and… relax…
Additional Information
Weight 100.00 g
Bracelet Lenght

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