Lapis Lazuli Pyrite Bracelet, CLEOPAS 5

94.00 TTC

The twin combination of Lapis lazuli and Pyrite produces a rare bracelet, subtly harmonious jewel!
Bracelet made of balls: mostly Lapis lazuli accompanied by faceted Pyrite.


The Incas & Egyptians must have
This very well known regalian gem is known to help when it comes to relationships, since it enhance ones ability to communicate ones feelings and emotions, brings freedom of speech. Therefore it works the same way between you and your inner self. Lets say it wont probably save you some overpriced therapy on a fancy sofa, yet lets try it and found out.
PS: And once and for all NO all those golden inclusions that you can see beautifully sparkling in the middle of this Lapis Blue, are not gold, these are pyrite which is actually way better, knowing the boosting effect of that one it’s like upgrading to a lamborghini!


The Fool’s Gold
Also known as the metallic fire. That says a lot about that stone.
So many over the centuries lost their mind over that one digging & digging thinking that it was actually gold. It looks like it, but it is way better.
It’s a real formula one stone, added to another gem (actually it’s one of the rare one we can associated with other among quartz diamond and crystal.) It will boost you cocaine in a stone, hence not recommended for hyperactive people, because it will be your real kryptonite.
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