Peridot Black Pearl Bracelet, ARJUN 5

84.00 TTC

Black pearls and peridot combines discretion and distinction.
Bracelet made of faceted discs: mostly Peridot accompanied by black pearls.


Detox Peridot
Since ancient Egypt & medieval times that gem has been used to stimulate our liver rid, and for detox action on the body. Well they were drinking a lot these days, but who we are kitting, so are we. The icing on the cake, that gem helps us get rid of guilt and ease the self-forgiveness process. Oh well, that is the “quinte full royale”, what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas!!!


Black Pearl
The secret one
Nothing evokes the Mystery as these oriental shimmering black pearls. They assume their glow from the deep green to the charcoal grey and light black.For every outfit, every mood, every friend: they go with everything and enhance any type of Beauty and Skin.
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Weight 100.00 g
Bracelet Lenght


Woman Carats

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