Onyx Mat Citrine Bracelet, HIRAM 5

67.00 TTC

The brilliance of the sun will heighten the depth of Onyx that we choose with matte finish for this unique bracelet.
Bracelet made of balls: mostly Mat Onyx accompanied by faceted Citrine.


The Black Princess
That usually neglected gem is so important in the sense that she helps us getting ourselves more rooted than we actually are, and is the little angel of achievement. Oh please as if, none never procrastinated and never spent many lattes bothering their friends about where are my roots, my family and so on and so forth…


Joyous Citrine
Often called little sun, this sparkling gel brings joy & contentment. She is very helpful in difficult times such as nervous breakdowns, exams & tests, or tensed work related situations. When the power runs off, she definitely acts like a generator of joy & energy.
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