Garnet Pyrite Necklace, CHANI BK

145.00 TTC

Garnet escorted by its brilliant pyrites, accompanies and protects you everywhere.

Necklace made of faceted discs: mostly Garnet accompanied by faceted Pyrite. This necklace has that feature of being composed of 33 pyrites assembled by 3.



The Heroes Shield Used in ancient Greece on the warriors shield; especially in Sparta. It might not be arrows nor be bullet, it’s true that garnet will increases your self confidence, perseverance, and will definitely gives you a good kick no room no more for being « the one in the corner ».

The Fool’s Gold
Also known as the metallic fire. That says a lot about that stone.
So many over the centuries lost their mind over that one digging & digging thinking that it was actually gold. It looks like it, but it is way better.
It’s a real formula one stone, added to another gem (actually it’s one of the rare one we can associated with other among quartz diamond and crystal.) It will boost you cocaine in a stone, hence not recommended for hyperactive people, because it will be your real kryptonite.
GENDER SIZE Major 1st Gem 2nd Gem
Woman 18 cm 98 carats 48,5 carats
Man 20 cm 109 carats 48,5 carats
Additional Information
Weight 150.00 g
Necklace Lenght

Men Carats

Woman Carats