Different Incenses


It is an important protector and purifier of the house. It calms down the mind and favours pondering. It is known as helping to battle the excesses of any kind. It casts away depressive tendencies and dark thoughts. It wakes up our enthusiasm, idealism and kindness. Benzoin is the symbol “par excellence” of Prosperity and Purification. Burning Benzoin allows to cleanse a room and favors the vision in one’s spiritual growth; it helps personal evolution and spiritual development.


Sandalwood also contains very strong spiritual vibrations. It is used during protection & cure rites. It is ideal to cast off an evil spell and specially to break unluckiness. It helps to set in serene and quiet atmosphere, calms down children. The powder of sandalwood can be scattered in a room to remove negativity from it. Can be used as a base for other incenses.


A resin to be burned, we use the myrrh in fumigation on a burning coal. Myrrh is used since the ancient times in numerous cults and religions (The Bible mentions it very often). Egyptians, believing the sandalwood arises from tears of Horus, burned it as an offering to Râ, as well as in the temples of Isis.
Burned as incense, mixed with benzoin, cinnamon and other resins, Myrrh cleanses the place, harmonises the house and cast away evil spirit. The smoke is used to cleanse, dedicate and bless objects. It helps meditation.