Ojo Mavi Line

Ojo Mavi, Nazar Boncuk (pronounce bondjook), mavi boncuk, against Ain ara and evil eye, etc., its names are numerous !

It is used in the East and in all the countries, during a journey, a sale, a party, etc., to protect oneself from envy, the bad thoughts of the neighbours or from “evil eye”.

Judeo-spanish language says “Lo ke no ve la vizina es milizina”.
What the neighbour does not see is a remedy.

Protecting one self against the evil eye is everyone’s duty, using an object for “Buén ojo” (the good eye). This eye is “mavi” or blue, the blue is a protective color giving bliss and wealth. We place the Ojo Mavi on the cradle of a baby, above the marriage bed, or on oneself in the form of a jewel, for more efficiency.