Rythm of Gems

The jewels of the collection Noor By J.M.F present when you observe them closely, a precise rhythm. You will discover between two pearls or two gems the numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 11.


Traditional numerology is a very ancient philosophy based on the vibratory power of the numbers.

Symbolises the creativity of God, the essential unity. Its energy is yang. It represents the strong personality of the being, its individuality, its will and its energy, in touch with the Fire element and with the Sun.

Expresses the totality, past present and future. Its esoteric meaning is the Trinity, the 3 Worlds, the cycle of Life and the 3 Reigns (vegetal, mineral, & animal). It conveys energy & enthusiasm.

Its esoteric meanings: Life, Totality, Love, Health, Heart, etc. It represents the five branches star and it is a sacred figure symbolising harmony.

Uplifts the soul and favours the union with superiors plans. Number of luck, mysticism, union & perfection, it is considered having magic powers. It represents the cosmic & spiritual Order.

Represents Strength. Symbol of idealism, intuition, energy inspiration, will and courage. The number 11 is in connection with fertility. This number (ekadasa in sanskrit language) symbolises water, the Lord of Universe, the Great God Shiva.